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Chocolate Chip Bread [v.]

It’s wild to think that just less than a year ago I was sitting in my college dorm room, sipping on a pistachio smoothie and dwelling on the uncertainty I felt towards the future. Here I am, eleven months later, sitting in my Boston apartment and one day away from beginning an EE PhD program. Just, …

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Homemade Pizza for One

This is my kind of pizza. It has a thin, unimposing crust that’s soft and chewy, but also sturdy enough to hold triple its weight in toppings. Because I love toppings. However, I usually shy away from making pizza because I don’t want to buy entire cans of olives or pineapple since it’s a hassle …

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Gluten Free Bialys

When I was younger and my dad still ate gluten, we use to walk to a local bagel store every morning before he dropped me off at preschool. I would have a sesame or poppyseed bagel with cream cheese (and remember being disgusted by the horribly uneven bagel to cream cheese ratio) while he would …

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