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Pistachio Smoothie [v.]

The weeks are flying by at a terrifying pace. As a senior in college, right now is when I’m supposed to be figuring out my future by applying to graduate school or finding a job. Lately, every conversation I have seems to comes back around to, “so what are you planning to do after graduation?” Meanwhile, …

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Banana Crumb Cake

One of the first things I ever baked successfully was banana bread. It was this recipe, and for once I didn’t venture off into impulsive ingredient substitutions and additions like I tended to. I think my parents were more relieved than anything when the end result was a basic loaf of quick bread that they …

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Hummingbird Cupcakes

Baking in college is surprisingly convenient. If I’m at home and and I realize I’m out of butter, I have to either get up and go to the store myself (and I’m much too lazy for that) or call my mom to pick up some and wait until she has time. Here, I can scoop …

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I’ve been at college for over two months now. My most accurate way to describe it would be busy, busy, busy, but incredibly cool. I’ve made a few desserts since I’ve arrived, but it’s hard to carve out time to take pictures. (And on a side note – there’s always someone to eat your desserts. …

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Three Ingredient Banana Cookies

These are quite possibly the easiest cookies to make, ever. They are vegan, gluten free, and sugar free, yet still taste great and are fun to eat. I added some cinnamon and chocolate to make them even more fun. When it comes to baking on school nights, I’m super lazy, so these were an easy …

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Classic Banana Bread

Last week I came home to six overripe bananas. They were sitting on the counter: mushy, with outsides spotted brown, and no one wanted to eat them. So I did what anyone would do; I made banana bread. I used a really simple recipe (normally I use one that calls for creme fraiche among other …

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