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Quinoa Chocolate Cake (gf)

Ever since my lens stopped working (a nicer way of saying I think I might have broken it when my camera fell of the couch), I haven’t made much food. Occasionally I’ll whip up a batch of cookies, but without a way to document what I make, baking is somehow less rewarding. Photography is something …

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Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes (GF)

A while ago I posted a recipe for gluten free pancakes promising a recipe for gluten free chocolate pancakes in the future. Well, today’s that day! These pancakes are super simple to make (provided you have a blender) and they taste amazing! Chocolate lovers (aka me), these are for you! Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes (GF) 1 egg 1 …

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Triple Chocolate Cookies

There is little to say about these little bites of chocolate bliss.  Well actually, I could talk about about their intense chocolate flavor, considering there is melted chocolate and cocoa powder in the batter.  I could also talk about the little punches of milk chocolate chips you get in every bite.  Furthermore, I could talk about the …

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Best Gluten-free Chocolate Cake [gf]

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I love chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookie cake, if a food contains chocolate, I am almost guaranteed to love it.  I was on a gluten free kick a while ago and I came upon a recipe for chocolate cake that looked simple, and unbelievable delicious …

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