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Everything Strawberry S’more Bars

Soon I’ll be headed off back to college so my current goal is emptying out my fridge, freezer, and pantry of anything perishable. It’s taken a lot of self control, but I’ve shied away from the grocery store for the past few weeks. Yesterday was a friend’s birthday, and I wanted to bring something sweet, so I decided …

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Nutty Apricot Bars

My latest food stint has been vegan cooking. It evolved out of my desire to reduce the stress of “ahhh what am I going to do with this quickly expiring milk” and “oh my god i have 16 kinds of cheese let me just eat nothing but cheese for the next week” (really, I make this …

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Buttermilk Pancakes with Berry Syrup

Pancakes and I have a shaky history. I remember my brother Jonathan took me to an iHop when I was younger, around the time my dad switched to a raw food diet and cut my access to all “junk food” off, and being completely astounded by the sheer number of syrup flavors, let alone pancake …

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A is for Apple Pie Cookies [vegan]

I have this idea in my head, an idea which I’ve been considering for the past few weeks.  Since one of my New Year resolutions was to, I quote: “Bake different styles of food!,” I’ve obviously got to follow through on that! To accomplish this resolution, my idea is: Desserts Around the World-alphabet style Basically, every …

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Blueberry Crumble Bars

A quick note from Chomps of Life: Guess what?  My amazing brother has generously bought me the domain name! Yee!  That means that if you want to get to this blog, you can now omit the Much easier, amirite? Now back to the blog: Today’s recipe is brought to you by the various …

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